Thursday, July 7, 2011

T-Shirts on a Mission to Change the World!

This weeks charity @ is Hope International
Offering families in the Congo an opportunity to escape poverty!

We've come across a great website that is using t-shirts in a creative way that is making the world a better place!   The folks over at Sevenly are using the common t-shirt to raise funds  for the worlds greatest causes!!    Each week Sevenly partners with a new non-profit , a new t-shirt design is developed and put on sale.  Seven dollars  ($7) are donated to the non-profit  for each t-shirt sold.   What a GREAT concept.   So be sure to drop over and support this group as they help make a difference in  the world! 

Also be sure to link up with them via twitter site and faceboook page so you can share their newest charity of the week!

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