Monday, April 22, 2013

Smelly T-Shirts just might Spell L-O-V-E

Sharing a t-shirt that you've slept in for three nights with a potential date is not most peoples idea of  how to get a date.  But researchers say that this might be the 
perfect path to finding the love of your life!!
A new trend has hit the young, single and adventurous crowd....pheromone parties.  This new phenomenon suggests that like animals, humans are really attracted to one another on a much more primitive level.... our sense of smell.  Researchers suggest that there exists a   subliminally attraction  to pheromones (hormones we exude through our skin) given out by the people with whom we’re most compatible.  
So how does this work?? Participants take a plain white T-shirt, sleep in it for three consecutive nights  (deodorant is not recommended)  and tote it to the party in a plastic bag.   During the gathering, guests then sniff the various bags and when they find the one they like their picture it taken and projected onto a screen.   The owner of the tee  then can meet the individual and normal dating rituals take over at this point.   

Does this work??  Who knows .... there have been some success stories but all  the stats aren't in yet!   It certainly is an creative twist on use of a sweaty t-shirt!!  


  1. What an odd ritual. It will be interesting to see what the stats say when they DO come in.

  2. That's very interesting and also kind of weird.

  3. GROSS G R O S S....and then some. No deodorant for 3 days egads. While I agree scents maybe import, the smell of prefume, or lotions or aftershaves is pleasant, sniffing stale dank sweat...not. I can't imagine anyone wanting to sniff someone's pits, and this certainly seems the same to me.

  4. GROSS and then some. Can't imagine anyone wanting to sniff someone's pits and that's certainly what this seems like.

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  6. What an odd concept.

    Just stopping by from a-z. :)

  7. Hmmmm. Interesting theory. I wonder what the scientists would say about one who has no sense of smell. :-)
    Continuing onward with the A to Z challenge road trip. Peace and Joy.
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